Thursday, July 3, 2008

Outsourcing Product Engineering Best Practices

India with its rising fame in software field is now known as the world’s destination for outsourcing. When we talk about product engineering outsourcing, India has proved its name and no doubt it’s leading the way in field of product engineering outsourcing. Product engineering outsourcing is a growing a lot, and those who have expertise in it would be the first to cash on the initial outpouring of investments from buyers. As per estimations by NASSCOM offshore development shall definitely be over 10 billion business by the year 2008.

Best Practices for Outsourcing

  • Choose product engineering specialist as outsourcer

  • Treat the relationship as a partnership than as a client-vendor relationship. Treat the outsourcing team members as your own employees

  • Choose your partner using a pilot project evaluation rather than from an RFP process

  • Hire for the job

  • Delegate the project management

  • Focus on the team’s ability to deliver

  • Ensure that the U.S. team begins following some engineering processes

  • Insist on weekly project meetings and monthly business review meetings

  • Incorporate a certain resource slack in the overall project budget

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